Permission is required to reproduce text and/or art from the following books:


A Porcupine in a Pine Tree

Henny Penny

Farmer Joe series

Listen, Said the Donkey

Pippin the Christmas Pig

Snow Day


Please direct your request to Maral Maclagan at Scholastic Canada,



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  1. Ben McCarl says:

    Hi Werner

    I’m with a charity group called Bheny: Better Hearing in Education for
    Northern Youth with team members in Guelph, Toronto and Qikiqtani (Baffin
    Island area). We are installing Soundfield Systems in all primary
    classrooms in Qikiqtani and want to also commemorate the installation by
    giving a print to each school for them to hang in the lobby. In total we
    will need about 15 prints and want them to include the Bheny logo as can be
    seen in the top left corner of our website at as well
    as the words “Helping northern children hear” plus whatever artistic
    content you think appropriate. Our first installation is the end of May so
    time is tight. Is this a project that you might be interested in? If yes,
    when can we meet to discuss details such as cost? If not, do you know
    someone who might be?
    Ben McCarl

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