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Sticker of Governor General Award for Finalist on book cover

At the Pond, published by Scholastic Canada, is a finalist for
the 2018 Governor General’s Literary Awards in Young People’s Literature – Illustrated

Cover with GG sticker

Proudly displaying GG sticker


I’ll let Scholastic describe the book:

Spend a lazy summer day exploring a tiny, perfect slice of nature! Count goldfish as they swim about the tranquil pond. Watch as sunlight moves across the water. Spot a water lily blossoming, frogs and water striders hopping through, a heron flying by. With a simple text and rich, lifelike paintings, Werner Zimmermann has created a peaceful meditation on nature and a unique and beautiful world for readers of all ages to enjoy.

Continue the learning journey at the end of the book, where you’ll find more information on all the animals that call the pond home. (From Scholastic Canada


I’m honoured to be on the list with 4 other beautiful books sharing the nominations. My congratulations to my fellow nominees

& Please check out my links in the coming days on how this, as well as my other books, have come together.

New Fall 2018 books by Werner Zimmermann

Two new books for fall 2018!


Dinner time for Foxy Loxy?

If you’re a turkey, it’s not really a good time around Thanksgiving.   Or Foxes.

That was on my mind when I painted my favorite turkey, the one  in ‘Henny Penny.’

Turkey Lurkey

Henny Penny was my second book.  I was in Germany at the time and turkeys aren’t the tradition there that they are in Canada.  Finding one to paint wasn’t easy.  I ended up using reference from photos, but had a great time with Turkey Lurkey never the less.

In the book it’s never clear whether he ended up dinner for Foxy Loxy or whether there was a feathered getaway.

When I visit schools I always ask for a sequel for what may have happened after they entered the Foxy Loxy’s den.  One day I want to do another book:  The True Story of Henny Penny.

If you think you know, feel free to send it, and if it’s good….we may just be working together.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you are reading it in Canada, or a bit later in the land south of us.

Off to tell the King

Off to tell the King!