Hey everyone, I’m finally back with something new. It’s the 10th Anniversary Collection of Porcupine in a Pine tree!

All three in one book with a new bright cover and the music notes included!  It’s time to sing and make silly, or should that be Merry?

Doesn’t matter.  It’s beautiful and it’s out now.



Porcupine in a Pine Tree Collection

The new Collection of all three Porcupine books is now out



I’m excited by the time of year!  Covid has made it a very difficult time for many, but when December rolls around there are thoughts of snow and Christmas trees and presents.  All of that makes for something special to look forward to.

I want to make this Season special with more posts about how I illustrated these books by Helaine Becker.  I hope you will come back regularly to join me for some fun stories, drawing and even to see Helaine and me together talking about the books.

Besides, I’m busy on a new story for next Christmas.  Maybe you’ll get a few sneak peeks into that one.

See you soon