Animals in my books

We Wish You A Merry Christmas has a lot of animals in it. From porcupine to bears and a lot in between, it’s pretty clear that I like to draw them. Whether it’s Caribou or raccoons, moose or beaver, they’re all wonderful whether real or characters.

Wish You A Merry Christmas Digital Painting_sm

Looking back, I realize that animals have been in most of my books from the start.


In Jean Little’s Pippin the Christmas Pig, there was of course Pippin the Christmas Pig, along with a donkey, a cow, a sheep, and a pigeon. I even got to draw a blue jay in one picture.

Jean Little’s ‘Listen Said the Donkey’ had a camel and a little dog along with the donkey.
I almost forgot the cat! Never forget the cat! (my cat would never have forgiven me).

I could go on and on, and will do more about drawing animals in future posts, but just want to say how much I do love drawing animals.

I grew up with pets like cats and a dog and even birds. We had budgies and chickens. Of course, the budgies were in the house. Not the chickens. The rooster would have been too loud!

I would have loved to have had a donkey and a cow, but didn’t live on a farm. Esther the Wonder Pig, along with Cornelius, her turkey pal, do live in a house. I just don’t think my mother would have allowed me if I asked.

However, for a while I did have a pet goose named Ethel. But that’s a whole other story.