School and Library Visits

School and library visits are something I look forward to.   I enjoy sharing my stories and art with kids of all ages.  My presentations are an hour long, with half  and full day workshops also available. For those special occasions like Literary P.J. Parties I bring my p.j’s too.  I’ll even bring my chickens, pots and what seems to be half my studio with me.

It’s great fun to get out of the studio and take my work into schools and libraries. From both coasts to the far north, I’ve visited classrooms in every province and territory but one (are you listening New Brunswick?).

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As to what I hope to achieve with these visits, here’s what schools have said:

“On behalf of School Council, I would like to thank you for your wonderfully entertaining and heartfelt presentations at Rousseau School yesterday.  Your presentations touched every member of the audience, in personal way, and were truly inspiring!  You had the children engaged, involved, laughing, learning and being inspired, all at the same time — you truly have a gift!!
My grade four son (who was thrilled to ask you and receive your autograph) said your presentation was a 25 out of 10!!! Now that is success.”

Sandra Starr, Ancaster 2009


“I just got off the phone with a teacher from school who was telling me about the experience her two boys (both in the audience today)had today. They were thrilled with your presentation. I also ran into parents at Shoppers Drug Mart tonight who shared the experience their son had today at school . He has been drawing dragons since he got home. Our staff were so pleased with the enthusiasm their students expressed following your visit. I am sure if we wake up tomorrow to a “Snow Day” you will be on the minds of lots of little people listening to the radio.  Thanks again for everything.”

Jan Dance
Collingwood November 08


“Thank you Werner for sharing your expertise and passion with our students. There is a happy buzz this morning from smiling children and staff talking to each other about the presentations. Children showing their teachers your sketches, their sketches….children telling teachers that they can’t wait to go to the library and sign out a book….
So many students have been moved by your teaching, thank you. I recall one student last night proudly showing you his dragon drawing you had taught in that afternoon. Apparently, he went home after the evening presentation and practiced yet another until it was bedtime.”

Tom Holmes, Principal
Agnes. G Hodge, Brantford. January 09


“Dear Mr. Zimmermann,
I would like to thank you for your amazing visit to our school. The students in my classroom continue to talk about your presentation and the pajama party! The message that you gave our students has sparked them to write more stories, improve their illustrations and now they  especially love to doodle! The pictures I am now getting are amazing!
I was so surprised with the amount of energy you had from the moment you arrived at our school until the moment you left, which was quite late. You took time with every student, having a chat with them and drawing great pictures when signing their books.  Your website is now a favourite on our classroom computers and we regularly check it. My class will be sending you letters in the regular mail (I just need an address). I would recommend every school to invite you to visit.
Thank you for what you do. Your talent and skill is truly amazing  and you connect with the students of all ages. Your message to the children “I’m rich with life” is a beautiful message to give.
Thank you so much.  (If you want to post this please edit it the way you want.)”

Tracy Shisko
Primary Teacher
Saint Mary (SMH)


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