I’ve got a new book for you!

I made the pictures for the new book. Helaine Becker wrote the words, and together it’s a very silly, funny and wonderfully festive book.

After months of work, it’s finally here, and I’m very proud of it. It’s my first book painted digitally. And it’s printed in Canada!

It’s Christmas, and the kitchen of the Porcupine Café is busy getting ready. That’s when the customers, who just can’t wait, start coming through the door.

You can just guess what’s about to happen.

If you love to sing, or bake, or just make a mess at Christmas, you’ll like the silliness that happens.

(oops, did I say mess? Sorry, but that’s just the way I bake.)

Come join our Porcupine and friends.

I’d love you to get The We wish you a Merry Christmas book at your favourite independent bookstore. If they haven’t got it in, you can ask them to order it. Or you can get it online through the link in my shop

Buy it for the people you love and sing along.

It’s here!