Last week I had the pleasure of four days visiting 12 schools and the library in beautiful St. Albert thanks to the generous support and sponsorship of the St. Albert Rotary Club.

I met wonderful people, great kids and teachers and an amusing fun loving group of Rotary members  who must be congratulated for their effort to fund yearly author/illustrator visits such as mine.

I’ve returned to a busy week, but once things settle I will post much of the art as well as the drawing tips I shared on my visit.  And of course, as many photos of the presentations as schools will send.  I had my camera along but in the rush from school to school, I failed to get as many shots as I’d hoped.  If anyone from the St. Albert Schools is reading this, please forward any shots you may have. I would love to see them.

Many thanks again for the invitation and for your warm and generous hospitality where ever I went.