Twelve Days of Drawing: How to draw a Beaver

On the Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. Three Beaver Tails!

Beaver Tails? I’m sure it was those tasty treats that are made in Ottawa and not anything from those busy dam or tree building creatures.

It actually makes me want to have one right now!

But since it’s beaver I thought it would be good to share how I draw them.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the video How to draw Beaver but I hope you will read on as I share a few helpful tips.

Step 1: use reference

Look at beaver in pictures or on video. Your character can end up quite different but it helps to study the real animal.

I’ve even drawn their skeletons. The look like monsters. In fact at one time they were a lot bigger and probably acted like monsters.

Step 2: Doodle 

This is the fun part.

Step 3: Construction advice

It’s good to turn your characters to see them from all sides. Remember to Keep It Simple, Silly and not worry how great it is. It’s better to do more and explore than a few and be critical of your work.

If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.