Very careful assistants holding art at St. Charles

On Wednesday October 12 I had the pleasure of visiting St. Charles and Eckoe Central Schools in Glencoe,  south-west of London Ontario.  I’ve been many times to Eckoe over the years but this was my first visit to St. Charles.  Not a big school with just 100 students, but oh what a great feeling in those halls.

Beautiful dragon drawn by Alex Donatis, grade 7 St. Charles

I shared my work with kids from JK to 8, and if I said we had so much fun that it was hard to stop even after almost an hour and half had passed for each presentation, it would be nothing but the truth. I took them into my studio and home with powerpoint, opened my portfolio to numerous pieces of original artwork which they, like kids in all the schools I visit, held with care, and drew, read stories and simply had a wonderful time with them.  We spoke of the challenges of learning to read,  the pleasures of a book, the ways to draw dragons and how to wear an Anti-sky-falling Helmet.

drawings done from the 12 Days of Drawing videosAnti-Sky-Falling Helmet Demonstration

by the students of St. Charles Grades 7 & 8