Booking Werner for a visit

Werner loves sharing his books, drawing and painting with kids and artists of all ages. Visits are immersive, interactive and engaging, leaving participants excited about painting, drawing and creatively expressing themselves. Kids bounce out of his sessions, full of confidence and ready to try the techniques he’s shared.


Visits from Werner can take a variety of shapes. In all cases, he will come and spend the day. The shape of the day depends on your goals or wishes for the session and the ages of the participants. 

Introduction to the creation of a book 1-hour presentation 
In this hour-long session, Werner will speak about what goes into the making of a book. It also includes an interactive reading and can include a questions and answer session. Children and adults alike come away inspired to create their own stories in words or pictures. 

Creating a character half-day workshop
For older kids, this half day workshop is about creativity and the process of creating a character. Werner runs sessions such as ‘How to draw a dragon’ or ‘From stick figure to superhero’. At the end of the session, even the most reluctant of participants finds their drawing and their confidence improved. 

Create a book in a day full-day workshop
This full day workshop sets teams the challenge to create a book in a single day. Participants are assigned roles including author, editor, illustrator and art director. Werner works with each team and with each role throughout the day and then runs an awards ceremony at the end of the day. Kids finish with a greater appreciation of what goes into the making of a book and the contribution of every person needed to make it happen.

During a visit, Werner will run

  • three 1-hour presentions OR
  • one 1-hour presentation and a half-day workshop OR
  • one full-day workshop.


Werner is currently taking visit bookings. Complete the ‘Request a visit’ form on this page, including any questions you might have, and we’ll contact you to arrange the details. 

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