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Christmas Cards

As much as I want to, I never seem to get around to making Christmas cards. Every year I say I will, and every year,

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Zoom Zimmermann Walters Marchenko
Talks and visits

A Day with Famous People

Wow!  That’s really all I can say, because on December 15th I got to share with some very famous people. Famous authors Eric Walters and

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How to draw

Christmas Trees

Please raise your hand if you love Christmas trees.  Ok, you can put it down now.  Noted. For all of you other Grinches out there,

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Porcupine in a Pine Tree book

Books With a Bigger Life

It’s really nice to learn that the books you’ve illustrated have a bigger life. Porcupine in a Pine Tree is being performed by the Windsor

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Werner blogs and vlogs about illustration and creativity, sharing how to draw tutorials and insights into producing children’s books.

This blog is for illustrators of all ages, but especially those who were told they shouldn’t draw or paint.


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